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Gizmos & Gadgets

CAD Service

3D Modeling, 2D 3D Drafting, Patent Drawings, Product Design

About Us

Founded in 1999

We provide drafting, design, and documentation support to individuals and businesses. We will help you protect your ideas and assist you in bringing your new product to life or in making an existing product more cost effective to manufacture.


Previous Experience

Before Starting Gizmos & Gadgets, I worked for Hewlett Packard for 22 years. While there, our team was responsible for engineering, documenting, and maintaining precision electrical and mechanical production and test equipment. I helped set up the documentation guidelines at Hewlett Packard.


I have design experience with sheet metal, molded parts, mechanical parts, and assemblies, industrial design, circuit design, Schematics, PCA layouts, electronics, cabling, lasers, pneumatics and vacuum.



Rates, estimates, or quotations are provided upon request. They are based on the customer’s specifications for each project.



We will work with your engineers and designers. PDF or eDrawings will be supplied allowing you to review and guide the progress of your project.


To download the free eDrawing® viewer from Solid Works go to the following link.

Gizmos & Gadgets CAD Service

Owner: Michael Jones

4630 Willow Lane

Boise, Idaho  83703

Phone: 208-344-0435

E-mail: gizmomikey@outlook.com