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Owner: Michael Jones

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Gizmos & Gadgets offers the following services, using Solid Works, AutoCAD & Microsoft office products

¨ 3D Solid Modeling

¨ 2D & 3D Drafting Service

¨ CAD Services

¨ Design & Engineering Services

¨ New Product Design

¨ Reverse Engineering Services

¨ Industrial Design

¨ Molded parts

¨ Sheet Metal


¨ 3D Rendering

¨ 3D Model & Assembly Animation


¨ File Conversions

¨ Photo to 3D Model Conversions

¨ 2D to 3D Conversions

¨ Paper to CAD Conversions

¨ Inventor Services

¨ Invention Development

¨ Patent Drawing Service


¨ Production Documentation Services

¨ Assembly Drawings

¨ Mechanical Drawings

¨ Technical Drawings

¨ Wiring Diagrams

¨ Electrical Drawings

¨ Cable Drawings

¨ PCA Layouts

¨ Document Lists

¨ BOM’s (Material Lists)

¨ Instruction Manuals

¨ Assembly Instructions

¨ Specifications

Efficiency: 3D Solid Models provide many advantages over the legacy 2D paper and even standard 2D CAD files. 3D models generally take less time to create, and modifications are extremely fast in comparison to updating all the legacy 2d views. A 3D model will easily display itself as a 2D drawing as well. In fact, most any view whether planer, isometric, section, or detail can be obtained very quickly. A 3D model drawing will even automatically update dimensions to display changes made in the solid model.


Prototypes: A 3D model file will translate into many different file formats within seconds, allowing it to feed directly into CNC, SLA, SLS, FDM, ZPrint or other automated machines capable of creating metal or plastic prototypes or mold cavities. This allows for the accurate creation of complex shapes that are difficult or impossible to dimension.


Assemblies: 3D models can be quickly placed within solid assemblies, allowing other parts to be designed around them. A model assembly can be animated in order to verify proper operation of moving parts or to check for interference problems.

These capabilities are very attractive to your potential customers, as it minimizes the quantity of prototypes required. Parts and assemblies generally work the first time.


3D Manipulation: 3D models can be manipulated with a standard PDF viewer. A far superior free eDrawing viewer can also be used. It allows full rotation, zoom, measurement and disassembly capabilities.


To download the free eDrawing® viewer from Solid Works go to the following link.

Support Services & Advisors

We work with various Patent Attorneys, Machine shops, prototype houses, manufacturers, and mold makers that can assist with your products. CNC Machining and automated rapid prototypes using SLA, SLS, and FDM ZPrint technologies are available.