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This agreement is made on __________-_____-20____, between the discloser, namely __________________________________________________________(“Discloser”). and the receiver, Namely Michael Jones owner of Gizmos & Gadgets CAD Service (“Receiver”).


The parties agree as follows:


1: Confidential Information described below is now and will remain, Discloser’s property. This agreement gives receiver no rights to the confidential information except to evaluate it and does not create any business relationship except that of disclosure and receiver.


A: Description of confidential information to be disclosed.











2: Receiver agrees to maintain the above described information in confidence and not to use it for any purpose other than evaluation of a mutually beneficial business relationship with discloser. Receiver agrees to not disclose this information to anyone without written permission from the discloser.


3: Excluded from this agreement are: (a) information legally within the public domain or which enters the public domain during the term of this agreement through no fault of the receiver, (b) information already within the receiver’s possession as documented by written evidence, or (c) information which is given to the receiver by a third party as a matter of right.


4: This agreement shall be binding for a term of ________ years.




________________________________                   ____________________________________

Discloser                                                                    Receiver


Date:_______________________                                 Date:________________________